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Common Microsoft Outlook 2016 Errors

Common Microsoft Outlook 2016 Errors

Common Microsoft Outlook 2016 ErrorsIf you are looking for common Outlook 2016 errors and its reason, here we have listed all the complete details:

Error: I cannot send an attachment:

One of the most frequent causes of Outlook not allowing you to send a file is the weight of it. There is a limit of 10 MB with which the most widespread mail providers work. Therefore, if you have to transfer large files, it is best to use some type of service in the cloud (such as Dropbox, Mega, etc.) and use the email to send a link to the file to the recipient.

Error: Delivery Status Notification (Failure):

If you have received this, it is because you have not entered the recipient’s email address correctly.

Error: My configuration is fine but the mail does not synchronize:

Sometimes, for security reasons, mail providers block applications such as Outlook or Thunderbird so that when the application is started and there have been no changes to the configuration, synchronization does not take place.

To solve this problem, most of the time you just need to access your email through your web browser (Chrome or Firefox, for example) and log in from the web. A security check is likely to occur, using Captcha or identity verification via text message to warn you that applications have been blocked and you need to verify that you want them to connect to your account.

Error: I have received a file by Outlook and I cannot open it or it generates an error:

Computers and the internet sometimes make mistakes when sending files. This generates that occasionally the files that are attached to an email cannot be opened (especially the large ones).

In this case, it is best to request that they send you the file in question through other means. If you can only use email for the transfer, it is highly recommended that you compress the file or files with some software, such as WinRar, that includes a verification of the integrity of the file.

Error: Where is an attachment to my computer that I received?

When you receive an attachment by email, most of the time it will not be found as such, on your computer but it will be hidden in a folder on the system and with file and extension names different from the file received in question.

To keep copies of the attachments that you receive by email with Outlook, you must go to the attachments or file, select the ones you need to save and click on them with the right click.

Then, select Save as and a new browser window will open, where you must choose the location on your computer where you want to save the file. Once you get to where you want to save the copy, click Save.

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