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How to add signature in outlook 2016

How to add signature in Outlook 2016?

How to add signature in outlook 2016Many companies have their own signature, adapted to each user to show their phone and contact address, position in the company, and even the company logo and/or a photograph of who sends that message.

If you use Microsoft Outlook, the email management tool of the Office suite, you can manage all the aspects related to your email signature in detail.

Let’s see how to do each of these tasks step by step in the most recent versions of Outlook 2016.

Add a signature in Outlook 2016:

When you are going to write a new email message, from the Message tab it is possible to create or manage the signatures at the bottom of the messages.

From the Message tab > Include > Signature & select Signatures.

In Select signature to edit, you choose New and give it a name in the new signature.

In Choose default signature you must configure three main aspects: what account will be associated with that signature, something important especially if you manage several accounts. You can select it in the Mail Account.

Secondly, you need to choose in New Messages which signature you want to configure by default. For this, you will have to create it previously from Select the signature you want to edit > New and edit it in the lower field.

The third element to be considered refers to Answers or Forwards, which is found under New Messages. In this field, you can choose whether or not to activate a new signature also for when you send a message or when we respond to someone, not only for new messages.

Manually add a signature in Outlook:

If you do not want the signature to appear automatically and you prefer to attach it manually in the messages that you want, once the signature is created, it is sufficient to leave the new messages and Answers or forwarding fields in (none).

Then, in each message that you want with signature, you must go to Include > Signature and in the drop-down list choose one of the signatures that you have created previously.

Options to edit a signature in Outlook:

The signatures admit any content of the text that you want to include, to apply format (a type of letter, size of the font, the color of the letter, bold, italics and underline).

In addition, you can include links to a web page or an email address and insert images. It even supports Outlook business cards and allows you to link in text and images.

In this sense, if you include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn icons in image form, it is possible to link to your personal or professional profiles of these social networks.







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