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How to Create a Group in Outlook 2016

How to Create a Group in Outlook 2016?

How to Create a Group in Outlook 2016The Office 2016 suite includes many practical tools for the management, control, and development of personal and corporate activities and one of these is Outlook 2016. Outlook over time has become a solution for everything related to messaging, contacts, calendar and more.

Today, millions of users have one or more email accounts, some personal, others corporate but all have the same purpose: Establish some type of contact with friends, colleagues or family.

It is a daily task to send various emails to your contacts but at specific times you must send a single email to several users simultaneously and it is an arduous and exhausting task to select one by one since we can send an email to some wrong contact and it is not the goal.

To solve this and offer help, Microsoft Office implements the contact groups in Outlook 2016 which will facilitate the sending of an email to various users in one fell swoop and thus avoid confusion and loss of time.

Here we explain step by step how to create a group of contacts in Outlook and assign the desired name to facilitate this task.

Step 1:

To start the group creation process, open the Outlook 2016 application and go to the “Start” menu, “New group” and there you click on the option “New elements / more elements” and from the options displayed, we will choose “Group of contacts “:

Step 2:

The following window will be displayed where we will assign the name to the group in the “Name” field and in the “Members” section you can click on the option “Add members” and we can use any of the following options:

  • Add members from Outlook
  • Add members from an available address book
  • Create a new email contact

In this case, you select the option from the contacts of Outlook.

Step 3:

When you will see a new window, you can select the contacts that have to be added to the group. If there are several contacts you can use the “Ctrl” key and click on the respective contact names and once defined click on “Accept” to apply the changes.

Step 4:

You can see the respective members of the created group.

Now, when you create a new email, you can enter the name of that group and this email will be sent to all the members assigned there. In this way, we can create a group of contacts in Outlook 2016 and thus have the ability to send a message to multiple users easily.

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