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Outlook 2016 search not working

Outlook 2016 Search Not Working

Outlook 2016 search not workingOutlook is a web-based suite of webmail, task, calendaring services, and contacts services from Microsoft. If you are facing error such as Outlook 2016 search not working, following are the solutions:

Troubleshooting data encryption:

  • First of all, click on the “Inbox” section, where you find and activate the search command for all mail items.
  • Here you go to the search parameters and in the indexing section, you check whether the checkboxes next to the “Mailbox” and “Personal directories” are checked. If you know for sure that the necessary letters are stored here in those formats that differ from the established ones, you must uncheck the boxes and repeat the search procedure.

Fix Outlook 2016 problem with indexing:

First, make sure that this is capable of producing and indexing. This functionality works only when working with RST and OST files. To verify the completion of this process, do the following:

  • Select the instant search command, as well as the indexing status (you can find them through the “Tools” menu);
  • now make sure that the dialog box has a notification about the absence of indexing elements;
  • with this message, if Outlook still does not work, close the mail client and restart the system;
  • If the previous step did not solve the problem, you need to try again to close the program and go to the “See also “in the control panel. Here we go to the other parameters and activate the “Indexing Parameters” command. After that, click “change / additionally.” After the application restarts, the commands should work as they should.

We describe another method to correct this problem:

Open Outlook 2016 and go to the desired email, then click the search icon. Here MS Outlook will open before you an additional search tab. Click on the “Search tools” and go to the state of indexing.

If the program gives you a nonzero value, it means that mail files are being indexed. It is for this reason that the search in Outlook 2016 does not work. After some time, check the status of the index again. In the normal situation, you should see 0, this means that all the necessary information is in the index and now it will be used in the search.

It happens that after that the search by letters stops working. In this case, you need to go back to the search tools and select the item of the search parameters.

Now follow the indexing options item, which is also available in the Windows Control Panel. Make sure that the MS Outlook icon is present in the window that opens. This means that Windows Search is busy indexing mail.

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